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Diva Dreads FAQ

How often should I care for my Diva Dreads?

Hair falls are made out of a synthetic material. As a result, hair falls do not need to be washed on an ongoing basis. Customers can care for their hair falls by placing them in a garment bag or shoe box.

What is the length of my Diva Dreads?

The length of a hair fall depends on the type of hair fall ordered. Diva Dreads creates braided falls and dread falls. A standard set of braids range from 18” to 23”. An extra long set of braids range from 26” to 32”. A standard set of dread falls range from 18” to 23”. An extra long set of dread falls range from 26” to 32”.

How to choose the right shade of hair my Diva Dreads?

Diva Dreads personnel highly recommend visiting the Diva Dreads booth at a local event. Customers can browser falls available for sale at a local event. If a customer is unable to select a set, Diva Dreads staff can assist customers with color selection in the booth.

Customers can also order hair falls online. Feel free to send an email to for a consultation. Feel free to let Diva Dreads staff know what type of hair fall you are looking for (braids or dreads) and what colors you would like to have in a custom set of falls. Also, send a current picture of your hair color. All of this information will assist Diva Dreads staff with creating a unique hair fall that will match your hair color.

How are Diva Dreads different?

Diva Dreads products are handmade in southern California. All hair falls are one of a kind. Each hair fall has a unique blending of colors and textures. Each hair fall has unique accessories and beading. The length of each hair fall will vary.

What is Diva Dreads return policy policy?
​Diva Dreads does not issue refunds for purchases. However, Diva Dreads will exchange hair falls with customers requesting a proper hair color match.


How long does shipping usually take?

The time frame of shipping of orders will depend on the complexity of your order. If you order a hair fall that is posted online, it will take 2 to 4 weeks. If you request a custom hair fall, shipping can take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

How may I contact you?
Diva Dreads staff can assist you with your custom hair fall request. You can contact us directly via email at You can also contact us at via the Diva Dreads Facebook page or via phone at (951) 924-9825.

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